Villa Units / Serviced Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

for Prospective Residents




1.         What Fees & Charges Apply?


            A maintenance fee is paid and is set at a percentage of the Single Aged Pension.


            These fees are per Unit / Apartment and not per person.


2.         What if I need to sell my existing home to complete the purchase?


            We will accept a holding deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price (although usually $4,000) to hold a particular Unit / Apartment for a period of 6 months at the price quoted. This allows

            time for the existing home to be sold and for the purchase to be completed.


3.         Do I lose the deposit if I cannot complete the purchase?


            No. The deposit paid is fully refunded if you change your mind for any reason at all.


4.         Are there any additional fees and charges to be added to the purchase price?


            The only additional cost may be a small legal fee paid to your legal representative if you seek their advice on the contents of the Residence & Service Contract.


5.         What Fees & Charges apply on termination of the Contract?


             A retention fee of 0.5% per month for the first 60 months will be deducted from the original purchase price, i.e. if you reside in the Unit for 5 years or more, the

             maximum retention would be 30%.


              20% of any capital gain/loss will be added to or deducted from the final payment figure.


6.         How long will I have to wait for monies to be repaid once the Contract has been terminated?


             Monies will be refunded within 14 days of the Unit being reoccupied or after 6 months, i.e. whichever occurs first.


7.         Does a prospective Resident have to supply a Medical Certificate or report to certify their ability to live independently, or provide

            documentation regarding their medical condition and medications? If so, who will have access to it?


             Prospective Residents may need to provide a medical certificate on request to ensure suitability for independent living. If there is any obvious reason that

             necessitates a medical appraisal, then the Board of Directors reserves the right to request such appraisal.


             Any medical appraisal provided by a prospective Resident will be appropriately filed to ensure it is kept confidential. Access to the file will only be granted to staff

             members who need the information in the case of an emergency. Any other access will be limited to those with rights under law.


8.         What are the arrangements regarding car parking?


            Car parking is limited to designated areas and for permanent Residents.


            Each Unit at Banyula Village, Jarrah Place, and Warrana Place has its own garage attached to the Unit.


9.         What are the arrangements regarding pets?


            The Board of Directors has directed that, as a general rule, Residents may have the following pets in their Unit / Apartments - caged birds and fish.


            Any variation from this rule would be subject to a special request for consideration by the Board. No pets should be brought to the Village in anticipation of Board



            It is the responsibility of the Resident who has control over any pet to ensure the cleanliness of the cage or bowl/tank and that the surrounding area is

            maintained so as not to attract vermin.  


10.       Are there any other restrictions?


            These are generally outlined in the Residence and Service Contract or Village Rules. A common sense attitude will prevail.


11.       What type of public, private or Village transport is available to Residents?



                           The Greater Taree City Council Community Bus is also used for regular and special outings.


12.       If a Unit is still under construction, does a prospective Resident have a say in the design construction or furnishings of their Unit?


             Yes. On a number of occasions during the construction of both Jacaranda Avenue and Bushland Place Units the floor designs have been amended to take into

              account suggestions and requests by prospective Residents. Obviously it is impossible to make too many changes as older Units are occupied but, from time to

              time, minor alterations have been made to these Units.


13.       Can a Contract be terminated and, if so, under what conditions?


             The Contract for Unit / Apartment occupation provides adequate avenues for dispute resolution.


              However, if in the event of a Resident not being satisfied through the system provided, the Board of Directors is quite willing to involve :


              1.           A Disputes Committee which will consist of a representative from the Board of Directors, the Director of Residential Aged Care Services, the Resident,

                            the Resident's representative, or


              2.           An Arbitrator through the Australian Institute of Arbitrators,

              to ensure that an equitable result is achieved.


14.       Can a Resident move or be moved from one part of the Village to another and, if so, under what circumstances?


             Yes. The Board of Directors reserves the right to arrange for a Resident to be relocated within the Village or within any part of the Village where circumstances

              dictate that such a move would be appropriate, e.g. in the case of a Resident whose health has deteriorated, it may be necessary for them to move closer to the

              service they may require. Under all circumstances, such a move would be discussed with the Resident and, where necessary, their Medical Practitioner.


15.       What arrangements exist for Residents to participate in management of the Village? Are residents actively involved in making Village

            Rules and setting Fees and Charges?


              All Residents who lived in the Village at the time the Village Rules were created were involved in the formation and presentation of the Rules to the Board of



              Residents are encouraged to form appropriate Committees to ensure ongoing involvement in decision making. Individual Residents who wish to make proposals

              may make written submissions to the Board of Directors.


16.       Can Residents be made liable for any additional or extraordinary charges and, if so, for what purposes?


              Apart from the administrative charges and entry fees as outlined in the Residence and Service Contract, there are no additional charges. Residents are

              responsible for the payment of all other fees which may be contracted privately through outside organisations such as pharmaceutical supplies.


17.       Is there any restriction on the Resident on the sale of their Unit / Apartment?


              Residents do not own the Unit and, therefore, are not responsible for ensuring its resale when they depart from the Unit. Upon departure, the Resident's Unit

              becomes available for the organisation to arrange a further Residence and Service Contract which will then allow repayment of the departing Resident or their

              representative as per the Contract.


18.       What is the background and experience of the organisation’s senior management?


             The Chief Executive Officer, Mr Denis Hawkins, has been involved in the Health Care industry since 1975 and has been Chief Executive Officer of Bushland Health

             Group Limited since 1979 during a period which has seen the organisation grow to its current population of in excess of 300 Residents.


             The Director of Residential Aged Care Services, Mr Errol Curran, has held a variety of Senior Executive positions during his 18 years in the Aged Care industry.